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FloraFable is a platform designed for gardening enthusiasts, offering online consultations, courses on landscape design, and plant care.



Who is our platform for?

Our company aims to provide a comprehensive and convenient resource for individuals who are passionate about gardening and want to enhance their knowledge and skills in this field..
At FloraFable, we understand the importance of creating beautiful and thriving outdoor spaces, and we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their gardening goals.

  • Passionate Community
  • Flexibility
  • Quality Content
  • Expert Consultations


    Access to experienced gardeners for personalized advice and guidance.

    Comprehensive Courses


    Offering courses on landscape design and plant care by industry experts.



    Online platform for easy access to gardening resources and consultations.

    Community Engagement


    Connect with like-minded gardening enthusiasts for inspiration and support.



    We work all over the world


    More than 1000 people are using the service


    More than 500 counselling sessions



    Includes a 30-minute virtual consultation with a gardening expert to discuss your specific questions and receive personalized advice on plant care, garden design, or landscaping ideas.

    $59 Buy


    Enjoy a 45-minute virtual consultation with a seasoned gardener who will provide in-depth guidance on improving your garden, selecting the right plants, troubleshooting issues, and creating a sustainable garden plan tailored to your needs.

    $79 Buy


    Get the ultimate gardening experience with a 60-minute virtual consultation with our top-tier gardening specialist. Receive expert advice on advanced gardening techniques, personalized landscape design recommendations, plant selection strategies, and ongoing support to help you achieve your dream garden.

    $129 Buy


    William Taylor

    I had a fantastic experience with this gardening consultation service. The expert was knowledgeable, friendly, and provided me with valuable advice that helped me transform my garden. Highly recommend!

    Leonard Brown

    The consultation package I purchased exceeded my expectations. The gardening specialist was professional, attentive, and gave me practical tips that have made a significant difference in my garden. I will definitely be using their services again.

    Tina Nguyen

    I was impressed by the level of expertise and personalized attention I received during my consultation. The consultant took the time to understand my gardening goals and provided me with a detailed plan to achieve them. I am thrilled with the results.

    Rita Burns

    This company's consultation service is a game-changer for any garden enthusiast. The consultant I worked with was incredibly knowledgeable and offered creative solutions to enhance my garden's beauty and functionality. I am grateful for their expertise and guidance.

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